Oylat Bedroom Set

OYLAT, where cabinets in gilded gray tones combine with dark beige tones to achieve a harmonious harmony, mirror details on cabinets, stylish design and Akyol Life quality. With its modern lines, eye-catching details, earch for comfort, quality and originality, it is the right time to adapt your home to the new age with the Oylat Bedroom Set. 

Oylat Bedroom Set

Oylat Bedroom Set with Elegant Design

Oylat Bedroom Set, a bedroom set model that has managed to attract all the attention with its elegant design, makes your bedroom the most stylish room in your home! Offering the perfect furniture experience with its unique design, useful structure and modern appearance, Oylat Bedroom Set is with you with Akyol Life Style privileges! Akyol Life Style, serving as the best quality bedroom brand in Turkey, draws attention with its Italian style furniture. You can have a stylish bedroom by choosing Oylat Bedroom Set, one of the innovative furniture systems offered through Akyol Life Style.

How should you create the Oylat Bedroom Set?

Now that you have a little background in bedroom sets and Akyol Life Style furniture, it's time to take a look at some of the steps you need to take to find the right sets.

Some important factors to keep in mind are:

The size and layout of your bedroom

The size and layout of your bedroom will have a significant impact on the type of bedroom furniture you buy. The golden rule is to make sure you get the essential pieces without cluttering your space. Layout affects how furniture is arranged. Traditional square or rectangular rooms are often easier to decorate using full bedroom sets, provided they are large enough. But in case there are a few odd corners in the room, you may need to carefully select a bedroom set to make up for this lack of layout. There is a saying when shopping for furniture that "measure twice, buy once". All room size measurements should be at your fingertips before purchasing the set. In addition, Akyol Life Style can design wardrobes in personalized sizes. You can have wardrobes in sizes according to the size of your room and your needs.

Identify your needs

Bedroom sets vary depending on who they are intended for. For example, if you're buying bedroom sets for kids, there are certain features you should look for. For example, most parents choose to bring bedding with a fun and colorful finish to match the bold decor scheme in their kid's bedroom. However, if you're buying a set for the master bedroom, perhaps it's a great idea to go with more elegant sets that have a more elegant, more grown-up look. Besides, you may not need a dresser or nightstand. You need to determine your bedroom set in line with these needs.

What is your preferred bed size?

We all love to sleep in a large and wide bed. But sometimes we may be constrained by budget (or bedroom space. There are different bed sizes. A twin bed is usually the smallest in size, while the California King is considered the largest.

Many people prefer to buy bedding between these two. We are talking about Twin XL, Queen or King-size options. As a result, you want to choose a bed size that is proportional to the size of your bedroom and large enough to provide enough room to sleep.

            Quality Bedroom Set Models

Akyol Life Style offers you stylish and high quality bedroom set models. If you are looking for both affordable bedroom sets and stylish bedroom sets, Akyol Life Style is for you. Choose the Cappadocia Bedroom Set, which draws attention with its elegant design, and experience the elegance in your home!

Modules W H D
2 Meter Wardrobe  200 230 62
Corner Wardrobe 50 230 97
1 Meter Wardrobe 100 230 62
50 cm Add Right Wardrobe 50 230 62
50 cm Add. Left Wardrobe 50 230 62
275 cm Sliding Wardrobe 275 230 68
160 cm Bed With Board 313 170 245
160 cm Bed Without Board 178 170 245
180 cm Bed With Board 335 170 245
180 cm Bed Without Board 210 172 245
Dresser  156 87 49
Dresser's Mirror 118 185 5
Nightstand 62 51 46
Bench 148 47 39
Chest of Drawer 80 120 46


•Benched, Paneled, Headboard, Illuminated bed set

• Glass doors accordion system opening

•Tempered Reflective Glass Door Cabinet

•High legs

•160*200, 180*200 bed frame with base

•In-cabinet LED system with sensors

•Multi-shelf cabinet interior

•Gilded Grey, Dark Beige color, Aluminum Frame

•Modern design

•Touch Led Mirror





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