Defne Bedroom Set

With its modern design that will make you feel special, Defne Bedroom Set is designed to be indispensable for bedrooms with the harmony of sandstone and gray tones. Storage areas with cabinet and base alternatives will make you comfortable.

Defne Bedroom Set

Feel the Comfort with Defne Bedroom Set

You can experience comfort and elegance in your bedroom at the same time with Defne Bedroom Set, which is produced exclusively for you from the highest quality materials!

Defne Bedroom Set, which impresses those who see it with its stylish design and unique appearance, is a bedroom set model that contains the most beautiful cabinets in Turkey. Defne Bedroom Set, which has a stunning beauty with its cabinet, nightstand and chest of drawers made of aluminum doors and profiles, is among the best quality bedroom models offered by Akyol Life Style to its customers. You can examine this magnificent bedroom model, which combines stylish pieces and designs, in detail, and shape it according to your own needs and create your order.

It is necessary to mention some special points that you should pay attention to when choosing the Defne Bedroom Set. Now let's examine these points together.

Things to Consider When Choosing Defne Bedroom Set

Bedroom size

You need to have the exact size information of your bedroom. This will define the size of the furniture you can get. The smaller bedroom should also use small furniture to make sure the room isn't too crowded and you have enough room to move around. There are small and large bedroom options. Akyol Life Style can size the wardrobes of the modern bedroom sets you will choose for your bedrooms according to the size of your bedroom. If you wish, you can buy a 3-meter wardrobe or a 5-meter wardrobe.

2. Bedroom style

You should also remember how you want your bedroom to look. You can define classic, stylish or modern style as your choice. Defne Bedroom style is the bedroom furniture that reveals the same style? If not, make the best decision by examining different stylish bedroom sets at Akyol Life Style. This decision will give an excellent concept and appearance.

3. Scheme color

It is preferable to choose your favorite colors or any soft and warm color as the scheme. It helps you sleep better. Now match the color with your furniture color. It doesn't have to be the same, but it should match the room color perfectly.

4. Space-saving alternative

Consider purchasing new furniture designs. It is possible to use your Defne Bedroom closet with aluminum trousers in a more economical way.

5. Quality

Quality is an extremely important issue. Choose a set of durable materials that are sturdy enough for long-lasting use. The partner supplier offers bad quality, so you need to be careful about it. You can also ask if there are any guarantees for your furniture.


Furniture is not low-priced items. Therefore, you need to set a budget. You don't have to have everything at once if you don't have enough money. We can buy step by step. Don't buy more than you can afford.

7. Price

This is one of the keys. Always compare the price! Go to multiple stores and suppliers and check the quality, then compare the price. Choose a set that performs well at a reasonable and affordable price.

Try to meet all the requirements when choosing your bedroom furniture set. All of them must be met in order for your basic need and aesthetic need to be well met.

Top Quality Bedroom Models

If you are looking for furniture with high quality and stylish designs, you are at the right place. With aluminum covers and profiles, aluminum carcass cover and much more, Akyol Life gives you the highest quality furniture experience. In this way, which we set out as the best quality bedroom brand in Turkey, we offer you modern designs and enable you to have luxury bedrooms. You can contact us for detailed information about our products.

Modules W H D
2 Meter Wardrobe  200 230 62
Corner Wardrobe 50 230 97
1 Meter Wardrobe 100 230 62
50 cm Add Right Wardrobe 50 230 62
50 cm Add. Left Wardrobe 50 230 62
160 cm Bed With Bench 190 120 236
160 cm Bed Without Bench 190 120 214
180 cm Bed With Bench 210 120 236
180 cm Bed Without Bench 210 120 214
Dresser  143 84 46
Dresser's Mirror 88 88 3
Nightstand 60 58 46
Chest of Drawer 60 130 46


• Bencli bedstead set

• Glass covers acerdeon system opening

• Tempered Reflective Glass door cabinet

• High leg

• Wooden

• 160 * 200 box spring bedstead

• Led system inside the cabinet with sensor

• Multi-shelf cabinet interior

• Gray color

• Modern design

• Touch Led Mirror

• Smart Commode option (with sound system-usb-bluetooth feature)




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